Outlaw Craft Fair – Website

Outlaw Craft Fair is a new craft event taking place in St John’s Hall Penzance on Saturday 14th September 2013. The craft fair will feature over 40 stallholders, craft workshops, demos, kids sessions and a pop up deli.

Outlaw asked us to create a clean website design, with a crafty feel. The site had to not only tell visitors what was happening on the day, but also to allow stallholders to apply online.

The application form is easy to use and when submitted sends responses to the client’s email address, making it very simple to manage the applications they have received. The website is also fully responsive, so that it can be viewed at its optimum, no matter what device visitors are using.

To find out more about the craft fair take a look at their website www.outlawcraftfair.co.uk.

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